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From Chaos to Calm, LLC is a professional organizing service that uses proven, innovative methods & techniques to eliminate clutter, disorganization and related stress within your physical and mental environments.


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Donna Olsen, a professional organizer in the Rochester, NY area, works with clients to organize their environments by creating manageable systems. She resides in Brockport, New York and has 33 years in the field of education. She holds a Master's degree in Education as well as National Board Certification for Teachers. She is a member of NAPO - the National Association of Professional Organizers - The Organizing Authority® and is the owner of From Chaos to Calm®. Begin to calm your chaos. 


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An efficient filing system is essential to calming  your chaos. You should be able to put your hands on a document you are looking for  in a matter of seconds not many minutes, or even worse...hours!

How calming a well organized sewing or craft room is! It saves you time searching for items and also saves you money when you no longer  need to buy items you KNOW you have but just can't find!

Benjamin Franklin said, "A place for everything, and everything in its place."  This is especially true of kitchens.  Labels can easily identify where things belong and assist the many family members who use the kitchen in returning items to their 'home'. Use labels to calm your kitchen.


Eliminate the Chaos………….

  •   Calm the clutter efficiently with strategies, methods, and systems


  •    Utilize time management skills for adults and children


  •   Streamline  family scheduling, meal planning and grocery shopping,


  •   Logically organize closets , storage areas, and all rooms in your house


  • Create a functional filing system and manageable budget strategies


  •  Maintain a clean and efficiently run household


  •   Establish  procedures to preserve and protect  pictures  and memorabilia 


  •   Maximize purpose and function of all areas in your office or home (basement,attic,garage, kitchen etc.)


  •   Discover more time for family, fun and relaxation

Through organization of your environment, From Chaos to Calm® will provide assistance and support as you progress towards a new level of calm in your life and spirit.  Results are significant and sustainable. Donna will reflect on your life style, personality and comfort level before suggesting organizational tools, systems, methods and routines to manage your environment and to calm your stressful life. Together, you will create a ‘plan with a purpose’.  You will learn to utilize ‘clutter corrals’ and  functional décor’ As your environment becomes more organized you will journey towards a sense of balance and tranquility in your life and spirit. Work done in your home or office is done with the greatest respect for your privacy.  Work, as well as consultation and discussion are always confidential. 

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